cropped-cropped-Headshot3.jpgRomans 8.28: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

I live, and almost died, by this verse, and I know it is Truth. Would you like to find out why? I’ll show you everything. I’ll tell you the stories, and at the end of it all maybe you’ll step closer to the same certainty. At least that is my hope.

I am Claire, and I am a recovering human. I am married to recovering human–his name is David and he is so saintly he’s started levitating.  And I am a mother to four beautiful humans, who will one day be in recovery. Denver is home, but Zuma and Victoria beaches in southern California are home. At 29 I’ve watched and cared for a terminally ill sister who eventually got to meet Jesus. And I, too, have had cancer twice.

I’ve been failed by every type of man, until David came along. Doctors swore chemo would keep me from ever having children, but I received the gift of four miracle babies. Addiction to Oxycodone, love, and food helped numb me for my first twenty-six years; now I finally live feeling it all. I’ve been abused, and I’ve been the abuser. I’m a human, in recovery. I think you might be too?

It’s okay, God adores humans.  I’ll hold your hand if you need hand-holding. I’ll kick your ass if you need ass-kicking. I’ll cry with you if your tears won’t come, or if they come and don’t stop.

I will pray. I will pray that as recovering humans we will move closer to the Truth that God is good. In all things. In cancer, in death, in trauma, in addiction, in infertility, in motherhood, in marriage, in chronic pain, in all things. I will pray that as we move closer to understanding our goodness, our worth, our value, and our purpose, we will love ourselves. Then we will love others, then the world is better, all because we were brave enough to Love. We are warriors and so I will pray for courage and for strength. We are victors, and so I will pray for vulnerability. We are amazing, because we were made in His image.


Here are some joyful & empowering stories about a Good,  Hard, Wild, and Loving God.  It’s a collection of scraps from the last 20 years that will perhaps resemble a quilt one day – drawings, poems, essays, musings, prayers, stories, photos, etc. Some are gritty & rough, some are wrapped nicely. Some could make you cry, others will make you smile. Hopefully by the time we complete the quilt we will see that nothing is too dark to evade God’s light and Love. The Truth that God is good and that we, because of God, are also good.